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Sehatfisik.com comes from concerns with the presence of several colleagues, acquaintances and others who suffer from high blood pressure, stroke, ulcers, cancer, etc. This site owned by Ratna Silvi.


The author himself has more than 25 years experience of suffering from high blood pressure. Certainly many interesting experiences that can be distributed as reference material to stabilize high blood or avoid high blood.

Many people are less serious to heal themselves from high blood pressure or hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, strokes, etc. Generally they are less aware that their diseases can be fatal if not treated seriously from the beginning.

Family or the environment also often does not encourage sufferers to be able to free themselves from the pounding of various deadly diseases.

The author hopes with this blog we can all learn from the experience of many people who suffer or have suffered from various diseases.

The desire to live healthy should be the main trigger of the spirit to live a healthy lifestyle and free from any illness.

Inputs, comments, criticisms and anything that adds to the quality and benefits of this blog are welcome.

We are very glad to receive them from you. thanks.